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25 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

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Farmhouse bathroom focuses on the functional and practical use of furniture. Toilet, sink, and tub are important items. No need to build a specific bathroom, but the spare room is enough. It doesn’t need to be fully furnished either.

Repurposed furniture, neutral tones, and aged-look industrial features are typically used. To be more modern or just stay classic, explore the coolest inspiration of farmhouse bathroom as shown below. Decide on what elements you are obsessed with.

1. Think White All Day

White furniture meets dark shades. Built-in bathtub, flushing toilet, towel, sink, and walls are white.

Gray floor, hexagon backsplash, cabinet, and curtain patterns give a darker contrast. Metal hardware, faucets, and shower sets stay bold in a black hue.

2. Shiplap Meets Weathered Wood

Shiplap wall is painted white. Its tone is as light as door and toilet. Distressed wood with brown hue is chosen for vanity, wicker basket, and mounted shelves. Metal elements represented by black faucets, hook, tissue holder, and mirror frame

3. Bring A Bronze Sink

This gray vanity is fitted with under-mount oval bronze sink. It has a strong vibe compared to light tones of wooden furnishings and patterned tiles. Faucets and drawer knobs are made from black metal.

4. Go for Glossy Subway Tiles

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Glossy tiles in white color shouldn’t be neglected. They create soft texture on the walls. They also play with vibrant tone and pattern. As usual, this room also features black hardware.

5. Get Black Wire Baskets

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Wire baskets in black tone match dark metal elements. They have decorative look yet functional. Toilet papers, towels, and toiletries can be organized in wire baskets. Even a glass flower pot can be put in this basket.

6. Keep In-line with Farmhouse Theme

The most prominent farmhouse-themed elements in this bathroom are wire basket and shiplap walls. While light neutral hue is a must. Notice it from the sink and flushing toilet.

7. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

You’ll never find white paint color here. This room applies different shades of brown. Attractive mosaic backsplash becomes a focal point. Light and dark brown tiles resemble in unity.

8. All-white Vanity Cabinet

A balance unity includes walls, shower curtain, and vanity. All-white cabinet perfectly blends with the others. Black faucets and toilet paper holder are set in black.

9. Free-standing Tub for Spacious Space

You can notice that this room is large enough but not fully furnished. It only features cabinet, toilet, and bathtub. A free-standing bathtub looks great. The white curvy tub is in tune with black and gray patterned floor.

10. The Inverse of Brown Brick Tiles

Brick tile floor in this space offers mixture shades of brown. It creates a contrasting look to walls and furniture. Brick tiles blend with a brown wooden countertop and mounted shelves.

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11. Tiny Farmhouse Room with Rustic Furniture

Keep everything minimalist in limited space. To add decorative details, use wall mounted wooden shelves. Candleholders and glass flowerpots ornate the wall. To organize bathroom items, choose this gray wooden cabinetry.

12. Modern Touch of Glass and Metal

Glass shower door meets black metal tools to evoke modernity. Black framed window and metal chandelier reflect light perfectly. Weathered brown shiplap near white tub matches farmhouse theme.

13. Up-to-date Design with Wooden Floating Vanity

This shower cabin mostly features industrial metal hardware. Wooden floating vanity blows up a contemporary farmhouse sense. It is completed with waterfall faucet and toilet paper holder on the right side.

14. Double Sink Cabinet with His-and-her Mirrors

Wooden cabinet with double vessel sinks includes more drawers for storage. A double-mirror with black metal frame looks simple. Add farmhouse element such as a wire basket to hold dirty clothes.

15. Showcase A Collection of Guest Hand Towel

Install black metal hooks to hang guest towels. They enhance visual attraction. Mount the hooks on the wall. Different patterns accentuate the plain wall. No need to decorate with wall art décor anymore.

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16. Free to Ornate Toilet Cabin

Most of the plain white wall needs ornaments. Typography wall arts are hanging above the toilet. The oval framed mirror looks so charming. Decorative glass jars are chosen to keep toiletries.

17. Airy Bathroom with A Wooden Stool

A harmonious unity is shown by white shiplap wall, towel, vanity, and curtain. A brown stool next to the flushing toilet holds towels. It cheers up farmhouse feel in this airy space.

18. Large Cabinetry with Extra Storage

Clear and modest cabinetry with black metal knobs is fitted with soft gray marble countertop. It features two large drawers and six small ones. You can easily keep things uncluttered.

19. Up-Cycled Old Dresser As Storage

Having vanity with cabinet is not enough. In a farmhouse-style bathroom, the old dresser is commonly functioned as a storage solution. It provides more drawers and shelves to keep towels, toilet papers, and other bathroom items.

20. Nature-Inspired Toilet Cabin

Natural elements convey a refreshing ambiance to this space. Wood plank backsplash has a lighter tone than dark brown wooden floor. Simple branches decorate the white wall. Greenery planter above toilet also holds a towel and candle.

21. Maximize Vertical Storage

Keep the space above toilet functional. Install wooden open shelves to display decorative accents. Also, stick some lettering signs on the wall. Put lantern, flower pots, and glass jars on the shelves.

22. Weathered Barn door Cabinet with Large Mirror

Double sink vanity with barn door accents is completed with glossy subway tile countertop. Antique two-tiered holder stands between under-mount sinks will be the centerpiece. A large square mirror greatly reflects the room for visual illusion.

23. Avoid being Over Decorated

If you are interested in modern farmhouse design, lots of ornaments are not required. The wall is only for mounted lamps and mirror. Give an attractive feel by applying traditional patterned tile floor.

24. Choose Checkered Tile Floor Decals

Farmhouse style is built simply but functional. To create an attractive look, apply checkered floor. Black and white classical checkered tiles give great characters to your space.

25. Build A Modernist Farmhouse Decor

Black metal framed shower offers a sense of modernity and so does the chandelier. A gold atomic chandelier is installed to give a luxury touch. A large rattan basket is used to keep clean towels. The basket conveys a farmhouse element in this modernist bathroom.

We hope you notice those essential points to remodel a farmhouse bathroom. You might choose simplicity. On the other hand, feel free to join some elements together based on your taste.

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