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25 Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas to Beautify Your Cooking Area

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Furnishing requires some considerations, especially for kitchens. This room becomes a place for cooking and eating together with families, after all. As for an idea, there is Mid Century Modern Kitchen.

You can pick one of the most excellent ideas below. Each of them represents a distinct beauty and functionality, as well. So, what makes mid-century style popular?

The prime benefit is flexibility. This concept can mix and match with other styles based on your preferences. These include traditional, classic, and modern.

Here are 25 best inspiration for mid century modern kitchen. Hope you enjoy!

1. Vintage Mid-Century Modern Kitchen


The idea is to reawaken a Victorian kitchen by merging chic appliances and classic furniture.

You can pick doff color for both the wall and tiles. As for the decorations, these include bonsais and classic ornaments.

2. Contemporary Style

A contemporary vintage kitchen is popular among those who look for a minimalist and sleek ambiance.

The room includes black or dark wood cabinets. Some nice stainless steel appliances are also included.

3. Fresh Color

The simplest way to brighten and beautify a kitchen is by applying fresh colors or patterns.

In this case, a bright hardwood floor and white-orange furniture are suitable for a small room.

4. White Mid Century Modern Kitchen

A white mid-century modern kitchen never fails to amuse homeowners.

You can get many benefits from it, including a timeless look, more spacious ambiance, and sleek appearance. It suits small kitchens.

5. Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Granite Countertop

The next idea is to include a granite countertop in the kitchen.

This addition gives a significant elegance to the room. The color can be anything! The material is natural stone, which looks mesmerizing.

6. Minimalist Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Kitchen is an important part of the house, so it must give comfort to homeowners.

Applying a minimalist mid-century modern kitchen is a good start. As an idea, you can include a monochromatic kitchen island.

7. Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Wooden Floor

Wooden floors become a great extra to your mid-century modern kitchen.

They give an instant traditional or classic ambiance. However, you should pay attention to the moisture level of the kitchen beforehand!

8. Turquoise Tile Backsplash

One of the methods to beautify a kitchen is through color.

You can combine turquoise tile backsplash with soothing brown wooden floors and cabinets. This blue-to-green color looks astonishing, doesn’t it?

9. One Wall Mid Century Modern Kitchen

This concept becomes more well-known these days.

As the name suggests, the kitchen is installed in lines on the wall. It suits apartments and small houses, as it gives space efficiency.

10. Mid Century Modern Wooden Kitchen Shelf

For a mid-century modern kitchen, wooden kitchen shelves should be part of it.

The most recommended choice is the one that is made of real timber. It should come with a flawless finish, as well.

11. Small Mid Century Modern Kitchen

To have a small mid-century modern kitchen is challenging, especially when it comes to furnishing.

In this case, you need to arrange and choose furniture carefully. All items should be ergonomic and functional!

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12. All-white Kitchen

Next, you can apply an all-white concept to your mid-century modern kitchen.

The key is to use white walls and kitchen furniture. As for the floor, it can be hardwood with a rug.

13. Wooden Elements

For those who want to create a traditional look, this idea becomes a good choice.

Wooden elements give a soothing and simple atmosphere. However, you should also include white color to the room for a balance.

14. Floor to Ceiling Window

If you have a kitchen that faces directly to a lake, ocean, beaches or other beautiful views, this choice would be the best.

The floor to ceiling windows acts as a wall, too.

15. Rustic Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Having a rustic mid-century modern kitchen gives you many benefits.

For instance, it gives you peacefulness, which is similar to country life. Still, it suits modern kitchen appliances and ornaments.

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16. Mid Century Modern Style Kitchen Table

This table suits your mid-century modern kitchen.

The size is small, but it has an interesting shape.

It can accommodate a small stove and some ornaments. Also, there is storage to place recipe books.

17. Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Bar

A bar stool is a great modification for your mid-century modern kitchen.

It is suitable for those who have a high frequency of visitors or guests.

The furniture adds both prettiness and functionality!

18. Nature View

A house that is located amid woods suits this design.

You only need to install huge windows in your kitchen, combined with mid-century modern furniture a small rug on the hardwood floor.

19. Simple yet Functional Kitchen

Simplicity is a must, but you need to consider functionality too.

As for an idea, you can pick minimalist furniture and use a brighter color combination. As for the appliances, these must be modern.

20. Bring Natural Elements Inside

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, you need to think about coziness.

One of the simplest ways is to include natural elements in it, especially plants.

As for the color, light brown can bring in a natural atmosphere.

21. Industrial Style

An industrial style mid-century modern kitchen uncommon, but it gives an absolute beauty.

The idea is to expose brick pipes and walls.

Don’t forget to include retro appliances and rails on the walls!

22. Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Wooden Cabinets

Wooden cabinets are important for your mid-century modern kitchen.

It helps you to manage and store items or appliances better! For a bigger kitchen, you need to include more cabinets, too.

23. Wide Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Unlike small kitchens, this one takes advantage of a wide space.

That means you can include various appliances, furniture, and even an island! Plus, you can choose a color theme freely!

24. Spanish Style

This Spanish revival style kitchen is another rare concept.

What is the benefit? It gives a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

The key is Spanish colony furniture, so you must pick them well.

25. Apartment Kitchen Inspiration in Mid Century Modern

An apartment requires a distinct concept, as compared to houses.

For saving much space, you need to get compact furniture and functional appliances only.

Playing with colors is needed, somehow.

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