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25 Stunning Shabby Chic Bathroom Designs That Will Adore You

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There’s nothing more refreshing to feel during bath-time in pretty shabby chic bathroom. It mostly featured with old furniture which is paired with neutral color schemes. Pastel tones also play role in bringing up a calming sense.

Mix and match different styles are challenging. We’ll try to guide you with some cute shabby chic bathroom ideas. Keep reading!

Shabbychic Mediterranean Bathroom

A touch of shabby chic rises up on the wall. Half part of wall is covered with Victorian ochre tiles. Those are suitable with dark brown wooden vanity and light brown floor.

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Bath Tub

Dark brown wooden floor enhances bold texture compared to gray and white furniture. White slipper tub and antique lamps contribute to shabby chic decor. Yellow lighting gives a dramatic effect to the room.

Shabby Chic Crystal Glass Vases

Double vessel sinks are designed in white hue. Those feature stainless steel faucets. Crystal glass vases of pink flowers embellish the countertop. The blooming flowers with lighted candles create a romantic feel.

Rustic Chic Pulley Mirrors

His and her rectangular pulley mirrors have great visual interest. Those unique mirrors are hanging on the ceiling with metal hooks. Light tone of wooden frames are in tune with floor. Dark brown wooden cabinet looks so bold.

All White Chic Bathroom

Whimsical ambience arises from all white shabby furniture. Brown wicker basket and planters add bold colors. Off-white tiles are fully covered the space. A round knitted rug offers unique texture to the floor.

Shabby Chic Accent Décor

An easy way to transform plain bathroom to pretty vintage space is by utilizing shabby chic accent decor. Hanging plants and typography sign are great. Embellish the floor by applying black and white classical tiles.

Vintage Wall Art Ornaments

Just look at how wall arts greatly show off aesthetic look to plain wall. Wall signs, wooden ladder and round mirror are arranged in harmony. Wooden mounted shelf functions to organize toiletries.

Decorative and Functional Furnishings

Shabby chic powder room brings up a farmhouse-style furnishings. Both decorative and functional items are more preferable. Glass jars hold toiletries. Black wire baskets are for toilet papers and planters. Even wall lights are featured with attractive fixtures.

Bathroom Design with Old Wooden Table

An old weathered wood table is placed between white washbasin and flushing toilet. This country chic table organizes towels and toiletries. It also holds a glass bottle with artificial blooming flowers.

Say Yes to Vibrant Color

Don’t be afraid of choosing vibrant color to decorate a shabby chic room. This claw foot bathtub is painted in bright yellow. It will automatically refresh you. Wall painting is also attractive. Feel the classic from black and white patterned tile floor.

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Think about Smart Storage Solution

Double-sink cabinetry features many drawers for keeping bathroom items. There are also open shelves to place some wicker baskets. All black jars and bottles are well-organized on black marble countertop.

Shabby Chic Style in Powder Blue

Feel a calm and airy ambience by choosing powder blue color. A vanity, wall, and floor are in similar tone. To avoid being pale, some gold accents are added. Bold tone of gold creates a strong vibe to this shabby chic space.

Try to Make a DIY Rustic Vanity

Just simply arrange some wood planks. Tighten by using bolts. Install a white vessel sink and plumbing hardware. Add metal holder on left side to hang toilet paper. Organize towels on the shelf below.

Oversized Mirror Frame with Chalk Paint

Old green claw foot tub, red patterned rug, and large antique mirror add colors to shabby chic interiors. Makeover old mirror frame with blue chalk paint. You’ll see the aged look and distressed finish create bold statement to soft pink wall.

Add Texture with Exposed Wood Beams

A touch of green brings up a feminine shabby chic design. Dark wood plank floor and exposed wood beam ceiling make strong textures to this spacious bathroom. All-white shiplap ceiling and walls are in tune with tub, wash basin and curtain.

Other lovely shabby chic design :

Utilize Wall Mounted Laundry Sink

Go vintage shabby chic style by installing wooden countertop to your wall mounted laundry sink. Choose white sink with stainless steel faucet. Use rattan basket to hold dirty clothes.

Shabby Chic in Black

Shabby chic is not always about white. Black wooden cabinetry with brown wooden countertop looks gorgeous. Pebble wall and wooden framed mirror show off natural textures. Antique lights give dramatic effects.

Bathroom Sink with Shelves

Open shelves are attached on a wooden sink cabinet. They functions to hold towels and bathroom necessities. Display some shabby chic accessories such as decorative glass bottles and photo frame.

Cute Tub with Pink Curtains

This classic red tub with pink tied back curtains creates a soothing atmosphere. A painting is decorated the cream wall. Floor of bathtub area is covered with shabby chic patterned tiles. While another part is covered with weathered wood planks.

Apply Tongue and Goove wall

Half part of this surface is installed with blue tongue and groove wall. Top part of wall is painted white. It is ornate with an oval mirror, two sconces, and shabby chic painting. White rug and furniture have lighter shades.

Opt for a Dresser

White tub and curtain are paired with soft blue dresser. These enhance airiness and lightness. A vintage look is shown by an old wooden table that holds brass vase of white flowers. It’s such a relaxing intimate space.

Luxury Touch of Neutral Palette

Elegant claw foot tub and antique decorative chandelier offer luxury shabby chic furniture. White shiplap is paired with cream wood plank floor. They create a calming sense. Chair and sofa repurposed to hold towels. Pretty chic patterned rugs also give visual interest.

Shabby Chic with Gold Romantic Chandelier

Romantic decorating style is perfectly represented by gold chandelier, antique candlesticks, floral painting, and vintage vase of roses. Warm lights and candles allow for elegance feel.

By the way, are you falling in love with those soothing shabby chic bathroom? Integrate some ideas above to remodel your space.

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