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14 Easy & Creative DIY Tassel Garland Ideas (with Tutorials!)

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Tassel garland is the perfect choice for any holiday or party decoration. Other than they are bright, cheerful and can complement any party well, they are very easy to make and are also very cheap.

If you would like to decorate your party on a budget, here are the best DIY tassel garland ideas, along with the tutorial.

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Unused Fabric

DIY tassel garland is simple and cheap. It could even be free! You could easily use some unused fabric at home and make tassel garland from it.

It brings color to the room, and you can choose any color you like. You can mix and match any fabric you have at home and adjust it to your party theme.

Follow the tutorial here

Birthday Garland

What’s a birthday without tassel garland? Boring! Yes, that is right. Tassel garland brightens any party quickly with its color and shape. You use some paper for the basics of tassel garland. And print ‘happy birthday’ as a statement piece.

Follow the tutorial here

Plastic Bag Garland

You will not only be saving the party but also the planet! Yes, you can reuse plastic bags for DIY tassel garland. It’s way cheaper than any other decoration and is also very easy to make. Choose and color you like, and decorate it on the wall with some cute strings.

Follow the tutorial here

4th of July Garland

Tassel garland is the easiest party decoration to make and personalize. So, you can adjust it based on any theme of the party. 4th of July party? Don’t worry! Just find some material like paper, cloth, or anything with blue, white, and red, then make it to tassel garland. Simple and quick!

Follow the tutorial here

Fall Garland Decor

It’s time to bring autumn inside the house! No, it’s not the real leaf because it will be messy. But you can DIY tassel garland for your fall decoration.

You can choose a unique autumn color like brown coffee or maroon. Then use any fabric you can. Afterward, you can shape it like a leaf, so it brings the atmosphere of fall right into your home.

Follow the tutorial here

Yarn Tassel Garland

Yarn is another great fabric you can choose to make DIY tassel garland. You can almost find it anywhere, and it has many colors.

After that, you can hang it above the fireplace to add a little element to your home. It doesn’t have to be a party, a little decoration at home brings some fun.

Follow the tutorial here

Patriotic Tassel Garland

You can keep the American spirit with this tassel garland idea. Get a couple of rolls of patriotic ribbon at any store.

Then you can craft and cut this ribbon to make a festive tassel garland for your party. This can spice up the decoration though it is simple and easy to make!

Follow the tutorial here

Christmas Tassel Garland

Don’t have the time to decorate your home for Christmas? This DIY tassel garland is festive enough and brings the atmosphere of Christmas easily into your home.

You can choose bright colors like red and green to represent that ‘Christmasy’ color, then add another color that you like. Add some pom-poms to make it more colorful. And then you’re done!

Follow the tutorial here

Scandinavian Style Garland

Keeping the house fresh and festive is easy with tassel garland. If you don’t want to do ‘much.’ You can try this DIY Scandinavian style.

A simple statement piece with one tone color can bring a difference to your home. Just like this one, a simple black tassel garland is pretty enough to get a festive atmosphere without saying too much.

Follow the tutorial here

Mini Tassel Garland

Dull wall? Worry no more! Because this DIY mini tassel garland is the perfect option to brighten any home situation. You can use various colors.

Better yet, choose bold colors! As it will pop up and bring a unique atmosphere to the home.

Follow the tutorial here

Winter Decor Garland

A simple tassel garland for Christmas can be the final piece and statement for your Christmas decoration.

Nothing too fancy, as simple as using red and white color, it shows the difference to the chalkboard. Simple, cheap, and easy to make!

Follow the tutorial here

DIY Denim Garland

Got any jeans that don’t fit anymore? Please don’t throw it away! Because you can repurpose it for this DIY denim garland.

No need to be neat or anything; just cut it into some shapes for the fabric. This will be a unique option for your home decoration! Plus, nothing is being wasted.

Follow the tutorial here

Tassel Pom-pom Garland

This DIY tassel garland with pom is a colorful piece and a cheerful statement for your party decoration. Using bright colors can light up any party easily. Or you can hang it up at home to bring some glee to the home!

Follow the tutorial here

Tassel Garland for Halloween

This is a super easy project for Halloween!

This yarn tassel garland is the ultimate choice for a simple, affordable, and easy to make decoration for Halloween. You can even involve your kids with it! Add some ‘faces’ to bring the atmosphere of Halloween better.

Follow the tutorial here

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