11 DIY Gaming Desk Ideas That Are Easy to Make

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Gaming has recently become a popular activity that people do due to the increase of advanced technology and the internet connection. A DIY gaming desk differs from a store-bought one, as it can be adjusted with an appropriate height that suits you best.

When sitting in front of your PC for hours, you need a desk that can support your gaming activity. A simple rule that many people sometimes ignore is that they don’t have the right height for their desks, which can cause injury and strain.

1. Simple Desk

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We’ve to admit it that today’s people seem to know how to take advantages of the internet. They can do something their good at including teaching languages, selling products, and even gaming. You can be one of them if you feel like you have a passion for it.

Becoming a pro gamer is an alternative profession as it can give you a huge amount of money simply by, you know, doing your favorite hobby from home, which is gaming. You can have fun and earn some money at the same time – it’s like to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Use Long-lasting Materials

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To support that, you need a desk that is fairly durable, stylish and easy to make. Everybody would agree that to get a strong and durable desk, you need good materials for that.

It’s better to have a nice desk that last long by spending a little more money than use cheap materials with poor quality that easily break in no time. Satisfaction is one of many factors that can’t be divided when making DIY stuff.

3. Proper Height Setting

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The chair that you’re going to use should also contribute to giving you a comfortable place to sit on. It should be ergonomics to allow you to move freely when playing games. Then, the chair and desk should have a perfect height otherwise you’re going to have back pain.

A room or place determines how big or small the desk will be. Make sure you have a sufficient room that’s enough to be your gaming room. The room should also be located in the right area so that you’re not bothered by other family members’ activities, vice versa.

The design of a desk is dependent on your style, but you would agree that a simple one will be easy to make and assemble. It will also save you time as it doesn’t have any complicated structure that can confuse you when building it.

4. Pick the Materials

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Wood materials have a lot of types that you can choose from. You’ll need a plywood sheet or a board that you’re going to employ for the desk. Pick one that you think fits for the desk. Measure how long and wide it should be before you make or cut it.

These days, making a desk becomes an undemanding task with advanced equipment that many uses. But if apparently, you don’t have those tools or equipment, you’re still able to conduct it with conventional ones as well.

5. Neon Light

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Now start to make a plan for the desk. What kind of a gaming desk are you going to build? Is it a U-shaped, L-shaped or just a straight one? Compare those three styles, weigh their pros and cons, and then choose one that matches your style of preference.

Be sure to make some holes on the desk parts through which the monitors, speakers, and keyboard wires can be set up nicely so that everything looks organized, invisible, and don’t interrupt your workflow.

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6. Add a Shelf

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Storage or drawers are necessary as they can be useful for storing some stuff. Drawers can be magic stuff to help you declutter the mess on the desk. Gaming won’t also be that interesting without including powerful PC speakers that can bring the feel or experience to life.

Some hanging shelves can be a good addition to be installed above the desk to display your collection to make the gaming room much better. You can also put something to spruce up the room to look nicer.

7. Hide the Chair under the Desk

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If you want to save some space, you can use a chair or stool that can be tucked in under the desk. This is a common problem that people with a cramped space have to face. And this idea can be the solution for that.

8. Stunning Brown Desk

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I believe you would have a different idea when it comes to talking about making a DIY gaming desk. But I think the steps to make one would be similar. From measuring the worktop, cutting legs, these are basic steps of making a desk.

9. Follow the Steps

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Here are some specific sizes and measurements of a cool DIY gaming desk I took from YouTube. Although you may not a pro in this field, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to follow the instructions.

The materials:

  • 1×2 Lumber: 1- 8’ Board
  • 1/2”x3.5” (Actual Dimensions) Lumber: 1- 5.5’ Board
  • 2×2 (Actual Dimensions) Lumber: 4- 30” Boards
  • 1×5 Lumber: 2- 8’ Boards
  • 3/4″ Thick Melamine 1- 4’x8’ Sheet

You need to cut them in this size:

  • 1×2 Lumber: 5- 18.5” (Inner Supports)
  • 1/2”x3.5” (Actual Dimensions) Lumber:
  • 2- 32.25” (False Fronts)
  • 2×2 (Actual Dimensions) Lumber: 4- 28.75” Long (Legs)
  • 1×5 Lumber: 2-66″ Long (Front Rails) 2-17″ (Side Rails)
  • 3/4″ Thick Melamine 1-23”x72” (Top) 1-18.5”x66” (Inner Shelf)

Misc. Materials:

  • 2 Drawer Handles
  • 1” and/or 2” Grommets

10. Cut and Assemble

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First, you can start by cutting each of the parts mentioned above according to the size. Make holes on the legs, inner supports, front and back rails, and side rails as well. Then join them with dowels. Before inserting dowels, you can apply some glue to get a solid fit.

Assemble all the parts and then clamp them, and then let the glue dry. Now, you can apply glue on the front pieces, and clamp them. After the glue dry, make holes for the handles. For the finishing part, apply a black stain until it gets all covered thoroughly.

11. Improvise It

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To prettify the edges, you can use white iron-on. For cable management, drill the inner shelf to make homes for the wires installment so that there are no wires in sight. Place it inside the table or above the inner shelf.

The last step is to put the melamine or worktop. You can add some features to set the computers, speakers, and monitors to sit nicely on the desk. And that’s it. Now you can be proud of the gaming desk you built yourself.

DIY gaming desks can be designed with all kinds of shapes. The only thing that limits it will be your creativity. Happy crafting, everyone!

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