11 DIY Speaker Stand to Get a Perfect Sound Experience

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Speakers are the best friend for electronic devices to make you have great sound experience. Speaker stands should be adjusted at the right level of your ears. Therefore, a DIY speaker stand idea should be modified for your needs.

When listening to music, watching movies or playing online games, a sound is a vital part that should be included otherwise it will sound blah. Imagine, you’re listening to music with a poor sound speaker, what does it feel? It must be very inconvenient, right?

1. Two Long Boxes Speaker Stands

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These two long boxes are quite simple in shape, but look nice to be set in your room. Speaker stands ideas are meant to increase the sound quality by placing the speakers in a better position.

The height itself holds a vital role in determining good vibration of the sound.
It can also be a good way to avoid them getting soaked by water just in case you accidentally hit a bucket of water.

2. Two-Column Speaker Stand

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With PVC pipelines and boards, you can have a DIY speaker stand using wider boards to make a sturdy base while smaller ones as worktops on which the speakers sit while The PVC pipes function as a stand

Giving a color will be a good idea to cover the pipes, and it can also be a clever way to hide or conceal what the stands are made of. It’s definitely not rocket science to make these DIY speaker stands, right?

3. White Speaker with Iron Leg

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It’s such a beautiful DIY stand speaker with iron legs. The white speaker kind of makes a blend with the slim, green iron legs. If you can find similar legs used in this picture, that’ll make your job easier.

But if you don’t, it means you have to get your hands dirty. It won’t be an issue if you know how to weld as it requires that skill to create it. After you’ve done with it, then cut a board as needed for the countertop and screw it from the bottom.

4. Simple Small Speaker Stand

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This simple speaker stand idea isn’t just merely as a speaker stand. It has more than that. With such a slim and adorable, design this one can really be a decorative speaker stand for your home that will obviously make a good decoration too.

The color scheme matches the furniture and the wall’s color behind it. It’s perfect for you who want a minimalist speaker stand that’s functional, lightweight and doesn’t consume some significant space.

5. Twin Red Speaker Stand

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Speaker stands shouldn’t be limited with only black and white or brown colors. In fact, these red speaker stands are pretty adorable, aren’t they? They can make quite a backsplash in your house with their distinctive color.

They’re quite tall, which makes them easy to deliver sound to the surroundings equally. The base is also wide enough to make sure these speaker stands sit upright. But be careful not to bump them as they may tip over.

6. Beautiful Finish

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With a neutral color scheme, the speaker looks really stunning here. It has a beautiful shape with a sleek finish and it’s positioned a little bit upward to deliver a good sound. It’s a good way of arranging a speaker stand to get the good sound you want.

But make sure that it stays there on its position because the sound that comes out of them can have a heavy vibration that might move or shake the speaker stand. If it does, then you’re going to deal with the noise as the result.

7. Tiny Speaker Stand11 Diy Speaker Stand To Get A Perfect Sound Experience - C7E33E0279A1911Aebcf7D2Cb2E0F082

This mini speaker stand looks just cute to be placed around the corner. A clever design that answers your desire of finding the right speaker stand for your room. This will fit for you who have to deal with a small space.

You might want to make a template first for it. Then you cut all the leg parts and the top one. You need to be actually precise in cutting and screwing those else because if you don’t, one of the legs will be hanging in the air which will cause you a problem when trying to make it stand.

8. Unique Speaker Stands

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What would you call these stands? Well, that’s not really important here. What really matters here is that you can adopt this idea to your house. Although it looks simple, you need to be skilled enough to make them, I’m afraid.

They don’t really stand upright, which make them unique but quite a challenge to make it. The legs have to be strongly attached to the base which such a position. The speakers alone should be lightweight or, at least, they’re not overweight.

9. Pipe Speaker Stands

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When looking for speaker stand materials that are thin so that you can save some more space, ABS pipes can be the solution. They’re tall and can be moved around, especially when you’re about to clean the area around them.

They too are durable to be used as the legs when building speaker stands. What an affordable way to get a cool speaker stand! You can add wooden boards as the base and attach them with screws. There you have your surround sound system with fun speaker stands.

More DIY ideas:

10. Wood Block Speaker Stand

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The most straightforward speaker stand ideas will be these wood blocks. They’re so simple and easy to be applied. I personally love them and they’re just perfect. It goes without saying that they’re obviously long-lasting.

If you happen to have huge logs or just the root parts, I believe you can turn them into speaker stands as shown in this picture. Or you can just purchase them online from big stores such as Amazon and such.

11. Mid-Century Touch

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This speaker design brings a mid-century modern vibe into the room. It can be a good idea to combine it with the room which has the same style. The speaker stand idea has a round shape that properly stands on the wooden floor.

The drawback of this kind of stand speaker is that it can easily collapse if it gets hit or pushed, which might break the speaker. But if you like it, and it’s a safe place for such a speaker idea to be installed then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

DIY speaker stands can be matched with the surroundings to make the house or room in harmony. But the most important thing of all is the sound resulted from the speakers.

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