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25 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas to Give Airy and Stylish Look

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More people are into Scandinavian Bedroom concept recently. Well, they are interested to create a brighter and more sophisticated atmosphere to their sleeping space, after all. What about you?

If you want to try the design, some great ideas below are quite recommended. Before that, you should know more about it. As the name suggests, the concept represents Sweden’s atmosphere.

That means you must get furniture, decorations, paints, and other aspects that emit Scandinavian nuance. The overall look should be inviting and homey. Also, it must give joyful vibes!

Here are some inspiration to try.

1. Simple Color Combination

The most noticeable feature is a pecan brown Kazak-style rug.

The divan looks simple, but the white mattress appears clean. Thanks to the black pillows and an animal photo.

The room turns prettier, therefore.

2. Small Scandinavian Bedroom with Carpet Flooring

The room looks small, but it has a neat arrangement.

First, the color scheme combines harbor and lava grey. Next, the bedroom has contemporary wall ornaments and sleek window!

3. A Bedroom with a Contemporary Desk and Paper Bag

This white and grey Scandinavian bedroom emits a simplicity and elegance.

Some pillows beautify the bed along with warm bed linen and blanket. There are even a paper bag and modern table!

4. Peanut Brown Furniture and Bed Chairs

This Scandinavian bedroom offers a serenity.

Thanks to the peanut brown and porcelain white color combination. Bed chairs and rustic desk become great extras, as well. There is also a Persian-style rug!

5. Presidential Blue Scandinavian Bedroom

An elegant appearance comes from this presidential blue scheme.

Both the wall and pillows apply the same color. The Scandinavian look comes from its furniture, bed seat, and wicker baskets, though.

6. Feminine Scandinavian Bedroom

This cute Scandinavian Bedroom is suitable for girls and women.

The blush pink theme and white color look pretty! This bedroom also includes a long vintage chair and double desks.

7. Teen Scandinavian Bedroom

The cuteness comes from its lemonade pink theme and customized pillows.

Despite the small size, the bed looks comfy. Cactus and other plants also beautify the room. A big round mirror is installed, as well.

8. Wide Scandinavian Bedroom with a Striking Chandelier

At a glance, the bedroom is already wide.

However, it becomes larger due to its white theme. Some grey colors apply to the bed seat and covers, though. Next, a stunning chandelier makes it more elegant.

9. Well-managed Scandinavian Bedroom

The seal grey theme emits an exotic ambiance in this bedroom.

It also has a well-managed set of pillows! As for the flooring, the room applies a whole carpet. Plus, several wall mounts decorate that space.

10. Black and White Theme with Extra Knick-Knacks

A popular theme for Scandinavian Bedroom is black and white.

You can use both colors for the walls. The bed linen should apply the same concept! Next, there are animal painting, quotes, and cowboy hats.

11. The Combined Rooms

Featuring a hardwood floor and expensive carpet, this bedroom emits abundant elegance and exclusiveness.

The black glass door separates the bedroom and the living room either. Don’t forget the fresh lamps!

12. Plants Galore in Scandinavian Bedroom

A refreshing ambiance comes from this bedroom.

Thanks to abundant pot plants that reside above the bed. The room also gets its comfort aspect from the rug and modern furniture!

13. Second Floor Scandinavian Bedroom

Placing a bedroom on the second floor is a good idea, as it provides better views.

Thus, you must place the bed by the window and apply this beautiful steel grey theme.

14. Double Quotes and Rustic Rug

A nice Beljik-style rug beautifies this Scandinavian Rug.

Both the divan and tables look exotic, as well. What about ornaments? The room has double quotes wall mount, which is modifiable.

15. Coral Pink Theme and Unusual Decorations

This coral pink theme represents a feminine look.

There are a fur rug and a big wicker basket, too. The most noticeable features are the glass vase with dried plants and headless divan.

Another bedroom decor to try:

16. Artistic Midnight Blue Bedroom

Elegance comes from this bedroom.

The first feature is a midnight blue wall with many framed photos.

Next, it has a sleek white cupboard to store clothes. Another feature is the set of warm linen and blanket.

17. Neat Scandinavian Bedroom with a Tribal Rug

This abalone grey Scandinavian bedroom features a light-brown hardwood flooring.

Both the furniture and divan looks modern and clean! As for extras, wicker pot plants and tribal rug give the best charm!

18. Stylish Scandinavian Bedroom for Women

Active women need a comfy place for sleeping.

This seal grey bedroom would satisfy their need, for sure.

It includes contemporary furniture, neat bed linen, warm carpet, and chic wall photos.

19. Pretty Chic Desk for Scandinavian Bedroom

This simple yet functional desk suits your Scandinavian Bedroom.

The table looks fragile, but it is sturdy enough to accommodate items like a wicker pot plant, lamp, etc. As an extra, a pink cute chair would work.

20. White with Black Lines

Applying a white theme to a Scandinavian Bedroom gives many benefits, including to create a wider ambiance.

To improve the loveliness, you need to apply black lines on it and put some plants.

21. Scandinavian and Arabian Mix

Who says a Scandinavian bedroom is not modifiable?

This room combines that style with an Arabian concept!

You can place more wicker ornaments wooden furniture there. As for the color, it is tortilla brown.

22. A Single Bed

Have no worries. Even a single bed can use a Scandinavian style.

You only need to play with color! The wall applies a white and lava grey paint while the divan and rug use charcoal-grey hue.

23. Featuring a Dressing Room

This Scandinavian bedroom includes some plants and an electric candle.

A sophisticated rug and glass room divider also exist. The unique part is that the bedroom features a dressing room!

24. Daisy White Theme and Thin Bed

The first thing to notice is its daisy white theme, which looks clean and neat.

Next, several outstanding ornaments reside in this room. Another uncommon feature is the thin wooden divan with a reedy mattress!

25. Scandinavian Bedroom with Multimedia

Including entertainment media to a Scandinavian bedroom is a nice idea.

The room doesn’t have to be large, as long as you install a big mounted LED TV and store some modern decorations in it.

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