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25 Elegant Mid Century Modern Bedroom (Heaven-like Rooms)

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A bedroom should provide comfort to homeowners. Well, the simplest method to achieve that goal is by applying a nice design, especially the Mid Century Modern Bedroom. What is it?

As the name suggests, the concept focuses on a style that represents the year of the 1950s. This design would suit your bedroom, for sure. It has some characters, including simple lines and abundant natural wood.

To get inspiration, you can choose one of these ideas!

1. Decorations in Abundance

The bedroom features both living and dining room. The wall is white, which creates a larger ambiance to the room. Next, you can find various unique decorations there, including a rug, wall ornaments, etc.

2. Iron Grey Wall and Wicker Lamp

The color of the wall creates a soothing atmosphere that helps you sleep better. There is a big painting above the bed and wicker hanging lamp! Not to mention a multi-hangers is installed perfectly on the wall.

3. Symmetrical Mid-century Bedroom

This bedroom looks cute and neat. Thanks to the symmetrical design. The natural wood makes the bed looks nice. The colorful pillows make it more beautiful and the paintings look pretty!

4. Double Desks and Exotic Rug

This bedroom gives a cherished impression due to its striking rug. The double desks also reside on both sides of the bed. As ornaments, you can include a plant and wall decoration. A modern chandelier works!

5. Rhino Grey Theme with Plants

A contemporary desk decorates this bedroom. Still, the most noticeable feature is none other than the rhino grey theme. This room also comes with various pot plants.

6. Teal Blue and White Wall

The first thing to notice in this bedroom is its teal blue and white wall combination. Next, the tribal rug looks mysterious, as well. Other features include modern paintings, floral bed linen, hardwood floor.

7. Extra Ornaments

The bedroom comes with more than one decoration. Aside from natural wood furniture, it has an exotic tribal rug, contemporary paintings, several types of pot plants, and white wall.

8. Rectangular Up-to-date Desk

One of the most recommended decorations for your mid-century modern bedroom is this rectangular contemporary desk. You can store books, albums, and magazines in it. The appearance looks chic!

9. The Grace

Once entering the bedroom, an elegant ambiance occurs. The room consists of stunning striped black and white rug, yam orange blanket, modern pot plants, and graceful paintings.

10. Small Mid-century Modern Bedroom with Neat Decorations

Despite the small size, this bedroom looks neat and beautiful. You only need to arrange ornaments and furniture deftly. Placing a tall mirror next to the cupboard is good. There are also stair-like pot plants!

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11. Striking Decorations within a White Theme

The white theme in this large bedroom stuns everyone. It even has a sofa, modern desk, astonishing rug, and yellow chairs! Other ornaments include a cockatoo painting, plants, and floor bookshelf!

12. The White Rug and Bed

The concept is to use an overall white bed. It brings in a clean and neat atmosphere, after all. A patterned white rug also beautifies the room. Some hanging plants, round mirror, and double tables are seen, too.

13. Exclusiveness in Accordance

To bring in a modern atmosphere, you can include sophisticated furniture. However, you must place them accordingly. Some framed photos and paintings work well, too. It even includes wooden walls!

14. Royal Blue Theme and Irregular Pairs of Decorations

The bedroom features pairs of irregular ornaments, including desks, paintings, and wicker baskets. The beauty and modern appearance come from its royal blue theme. The bed linen is white, though.

15. Natural Wood Table and Round Mirror

You can place this natural wood table in the corner of your mid-century modern bedroom. The desk can store and accommodate various items like drinks, towels, candles, and radio. A round mirror is an addition.

Other lovely mid century design :

16. Patterns Galore

To bring in modernism to your mid-century bedroom, you can play with patterns. The rug looks nice, the bed cover appears aesthetic, and the pots are exotic. Next, you can hang three paintings above the bed.

17. Abalone Grey Theme with a Sofa

This style gives both simplicity and comfort to homeowners. It features a nice sofa, modern table, and some ornaments (paintings and potted plants). The theme is abalone grey, including the furniture, wall, and rug.

18. Tortilla and Natural Wood Theme

The bedcover and pillows look alluring. The twin desks appear modern and simple. Still, the most noticeable one is none other than the tortilla color theme, featuring lots of natural wood decorations!

19. Ergonomic Impression for Small Room

A small mid-century modern bedroom can look neat and beautiful if you pick the right furniture. This one comes with a chic table, hardwood floor, comfy rug, contemporary, sofa, and framed photos!

20. King Size Bedroom with Fabulous Blanket

The bedroom is big and it even features a bed seat. The white wall makes it larger and hardwood floor makes it prettier. Still, the best feature is the butterscotch yellow blanket or bed cover.

21. Calm Bedroom with Sansevieria

This serene bedroom features a regular divan and mattress. Despite the simplicity, it has a nice rug and round table. One thing that makes it special is none other than an exotic plant called Sansevieria.

22. Stripes Theme and Young Ambiance

This bedroom represents youth. The first feature is indeed the stripe bed cover and pillow. The paint of the wall is neutral and the room features many decorations, including paintings, photos, and gadgets.

23. Navy Blue Theme and Bizarre Wall Mount

The modern ambiance comes from its blue navy theme. Both pillows and bed cover apply the same color. The rug is elegant and the room has twin desks. There is even an exotic wall mount!

24. Royal Blue Wall and Big Mirror

This mid-century modern bedroom has two features. First, it is the royal blue wall, which emits a calm appearance. There is also a big mirror! Not to mention the room comes with an LED TV and several paintings.

25. Trout Grey Theme and Multiple Mirrors

The stunning color theme soothes homeowners. Aside from the comfy bed, the room comes with a single desk and unique lamp. Several mirrors are installed neatly above the bed, as well.


A mid-century bedroom decoration suits a modern era. Therefore, you can apply it to your house, apartment, cabin, and other places. Here is the only consideration. You need to choose the right style.

With many options of Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas, you can pick one based on your preferences. The design must suit the size of the room and overall house theme, though.

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