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25 Lovely Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas (Striking Rooms for Cooking)

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A Shabby Chic Kitchen has a distinct attractiveness. This design focuses on antique appearances and wear and tear signs. Thus, you can get furniture that qualifies those aspects to decorate your kitchen.

To avoid hassles, the simplest way is to apply the design is by reviewing examples. This article provides several cute and astonishing shabby chic styles for your kitchen!

Make sure to use one of them!

1. White Countertop and Knick Knacks Galore

The white countertop gives a clean appearance.

The antiqueness comes from the sea-foam green tiles at walls, though. This kitchen also has many items and decorations. Not to mention it faces the front yard.

2. Vintage Small White Island

The small white vintage island becomes a focal point in this kitchen.

It also functions as a place to hang utensils. The overall theme in the room is white, to create a wider ambiance.

3. Old-fashioned Cabinet and Single Shelf

This small white cabinet is a great feature for your shabby chic kitchen.

It has several storages and sleek surface. Thus, you can place various items either inside or on it, including vases, wicker trays, plates, etc.

4. Two Soothing Colors

This kitchen looks mesmerizing.

Thanks to the presence of tortilla brown walls, countertop surface, and rug.

Another color is the olive green cabinets that look both shabby and antique.

5. White Shabby Chic Kitchen Meeting with Nature

A vintage dining table and contemporary countertop combine well in this kitchen.

You can beautify the table with a nice tablecloth either. One thing, the kitchen resides closely to nature (gardens and yards).

6. Colorful Shabby Chic Kitchen

A daisy white countertop looks calm and cute.

The room even appears more beautiful with other colors! These include a garnet red floor, currant small chair, and pickle green chair plus table.

7. Flamingo Pink Shabby Chic Kitchen

Women and girls are likely to choose this concept.

The kitchen focuses on the flamingo pink concept. All the furniture and knick-knacks come in a similar color. However, the floor and walls are distinct.

8. Seaweed Green and White Shabby Chic Kitchen

This kitchen looks abandoned, but appears unique!

The shabby white and seaweed green color create such ambiance, after all. Also, you need to use only old-fashioned furniture there.

9. Multilayered Shelves

Simplicity and neatness are two prime points in this shabby chic kitchen.

The walls are patterned and it features multilayered shelves to accommodate lots of plates, bowls, and other items.

10. Featuring Endearing Bowls and Plates

A shabby chic kitchen may feature lots of things.

One of them is a cabinet or shelves that store calm and colorful plates or bowls. All these items are considered expensive, though.

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11. Floral Wallpaper and Out-of-date Furniture

Furnishing a shabby chic kitchen is not easy.

Still, you can use antique or out-of-date furniture at the beginning. As for the beauty, punch pink wallpapers should do the work.

12. Elfin Shabby Chic Kitchen

Small is cute. Have no worries.

Many ways exist to beautify your petite shabby chic kitchen.

For instance, it is to arrange furniture, countertop, and stove neatly. You can use extra shelves and storage, too.

13. Floral Blush and Taffy Pink Theme

Despite the small size, the kitchen would satisfy everyone with its cute and pretty color.

The blush and taffy pink concept looks girly, doesn’t it? Moreover, the room comes with floral patterns and drapes.

14. Peanut and Tan Brown Theme

A calm shabby chic kitchen becomes everyone’s preference.

In this sample, you may include peanut and tan brown color to the room. Adding a bookshelf is also recommended

15. Total Pink Theme

This small kitchen looks pretty due to its amazing pink color.

Almost all parts of the room have a similar color.

As for the furniture, you can use vintage ones. Don’t forget to include pink kitchenware, too.

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16. Adjacent to the Living Room

Somehow, there is no need to separate your shabby chic kitchen and living room.

This one comes with a comfy white sofa set and some vintage decorations, including a big clock and an outdated lamp.

17. Bright and Colorful Kitchen

This cute small countertop comes with colorful cabinets.

The most dominant one is the pink color, which acts as a fridge. Some pink items or appliances are also seen there.

18. Chiffon White Kitchen with Candles

This serene kitchen includes a dining table and comfy chairs in it.

The room has a large rug that covers almost the entire room. Some plants and candles also beautify the kitchen.

19. Old-style Appliances and Floral Drapes

Vintage furniture and appliances may suit floral drapes! This kitchen is proof.

As for the color, you can pick beige brown or other soothing shades. The floor looks neat and clean, which is similar to porcelain.

20. Modified Shelves and Ceiling

This white shabby chic kitchen looks simple.

However, it has distinct features, which are modified ceiling and shelves. These look abandoned but stunning!

21. The Three Aspects

The first aspect is the black and white floral wallpaper.

Next, it has a sleek countertop with the wooden surface. Another aspect is the beautiful peach rug!

22. Multi Shelves with Tons of Chinas

The first feature is a sage countertop that comes with a marble surface.

There is also a beautiful and stunning light-brown rug! The prime allure is the presence of Chinas and vintage jugs, though.

23. Sky Blue Wall and White Furniture

This concept focuses on the dining table that comes with white furniture.

One of the chairs even has elegant fur! Next, the wall is sky blue, representing calmness. A vintage picture even exists there!

24. Simple White Shabby Chic Kitchen with Hanging Ornaments

This simple white kitchen has a cute sink and outdated countertop. Have no worries.

The beauty comes from varieties of ornaments, including a chandelier and hanging ornaments.

25. Pickle Green Cabinet and Purple Wall

A shabby chic kitchen can feature various colors, including purple and pickle green.

As for the furniture, this cabinet should be the epicenter of attention in the kitchen.

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