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25 Bewildering Farmhouse Kitchen Designs (Traditional Beauties!)

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In terms of popularity, Farmhouse Kitchen styles perhaps are less well-known than modern designs. However, more people are interested in this concept now. What are the reasons?

The prime benefit is the timeless ambiance. It brings in a classic atmosphere to your kitchen! Moreover, many varieties are available to choose from. Below are some good examples for you.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Dining Table

This concept is perfect for a house that resides amid nature or forests. To provide a beautiful view, you need to install a large glass door. Also, the dim light makes the room more soothing!

White Farmhouse Kitchen

For a farmhouse kitchen, a white theme is always common. This one comes with neat countertops and cabinets. There are a big hanging lamp and classic wicker blind, which become great extras.

White Doff Farmhouse Kitchen with Plants

The combination of white doff and classic furniture makes the kitchen more spacious and calming. To bring in a natural atmosphere, you can include some plants on shelves.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

It doesn’t have to be a big kitchen. To simplify everything, you can place it next to the living room. The countertop should not be too big, though. As ornaments, black classy hanging lamps are a good choice.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This design combines a white theme and calm hardwood floor. The idea is to install a moderate window between two cabinets. Not only you get beautiful views, but you can also access kitchenware easily.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen

Some people consider white and gray color combination gloomy. However, others are astonished by it. To bring better function, you can place a small island and corner countertop in this kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Station

Just because you apply a farmhouse concept, doesn’t mean the kitchen should look old and traditional. You can include some modern appliances like an elegant rice cooker, LED TV, and many others.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Touch

A large kitchen is great, but it becomes wider if you apply a white theme. To bring up a traditional atmosphere, though, it is important to install wooden walls and put several country ornaments.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Dark Grey Set

A farmhouse kitchen can look elegant, as well. The idea is to install glossy dark grey countertops and cabinets in it. For the classic appearance, you can use a regular wooden floor.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Antique Ornaments

A classic white kitchen cupboard can give minimalism to the kitchen. Still, you need to put some antique decorations like wall ornaments, chandelier, wicker rug, and many others.

Corner White Farmhouse Kitchen with High-end Appliances

The floor is hardwood and the kitchen theme is neat white. One thing that makes it different than others is the presence of luxurious appliances like a high-end refrigerator, stove, and oven.

Cadet Blue Countertops and Long Tribal Rug

Tranquility is a choice in a farmhouse kitchen. One of the methods is to apply a cadet blue color to countertops and island. As a floor decoration, you can use a long tribal rug.

Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen with Wooden Roof

An elegant farmhouse kitchen looks satisfying. You can create it by applying a black and white theme. The cupboard is black, the table is white, and the chair combines both colors.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Cooking Timer

This design applies an ivory theme, which looks both calmative and gorgeous. The dining table can accommodate four people. There is a pantry, located beside the countertop, too.

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

The theme is white and grey, but this kitchen also includes a wide clear window to provide better exposure. Another unique feature is the presence of a wooden kitchen hood!

Tortilla Brown Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating a serene farmhouse kitchen is not difficult. You can apply a tortilla brown theme to it! For a better view, the kitchen should face the front yard, though.

Cozy Beige Dining Table

This comfy beige dining table would suit your farmhouse kitchen. It features a nice old table and vintage chairs. For a more beautiful ambiance, you can install a cute chandelier.

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

A farmhouse kitchen can look elegant with this marble island. The table can accommodate up to 4 people! As for the kitchenware, you can use high-end ones. A pair of similar lamps become great extras, too.

Farmhouse Kitchens With No Uppers

This one comes with a hardwood floor and a solid island. As for the countertops and walls, the color is ivory. The unique thing is that the kitchen comes with multiple hanging lamps!

Kitchen Island as Dining Table

Sleekness becomes the point of this farmhouse kitchen. Thanks to the grey metallic surfaces of the countertops and island. Tawny and white colors also beautify this kitchen.

Another kitchen design ideas:

Farmhouse Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A simple idea to beautify a farmhouse kitchen is by applying a floral pattern to the wall. You can combine it with white furniture and a marble island!

Sophisticated Kitchen Hood and Fridge

The prime allure in this kitchen is a white and black island. Still, it also comes with other attractive features like a modern kitchen hood and high-end refrigerator.

Celeste Farmhouse Kitchen

The celeste color theme of this kitchen looks both cute and pretty. The room also comes with a nice long wicker rug and an elegant island. As for the floor, it applies a simple wooden material.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Wooden Floor

A country-style brick wall suits your farmhouse kitchen, without a doubt. It looks great with a sleek white island and countertop, as well. As an extra, there is a dining room that connects directly to the kitchen.

White Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating an elegant farmhouse kitchen is possible even for a small room. This one comes with a corner white countertop and black sink. The walls come with macaroon cream color!


Farmhouse kitchens include several elements and natural materials. All concepts above have some similarities, as they include earthy granites, timber countertops, and simple cabinets. What is your choice?

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