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25 Eclectic Scandinavian Kitchen Designs (Let’s Bring the Charm!)

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Decorating a kitchen is both fun and challenging.

The good news is that you can choose various concepts, including the one called Scandinavian Kitchen design. What makes it different than others?

This style is popular among people who live in Finland and Sweden. However, people around the globe start applying it to their kitchen!

The design is known for its elegant and simple appearance!

1. Sky Blue and White Scandinavian Kitchen

This design looks calm and simple. Thanks to the combination of white and sky blue colors.

You can include other features, including a patterned rug, plants, clock, wall decorations, and others!

2. Merged Kitchen with a Big Cabinet

A wooden concept is accentuated in this style.

The kitchen is also merged with the dining room, placed beside windows. The most noticeable feature, however, is a big cabinet with lots of storages!

3. The Elegant Grey

Despite the small size, an elegant atmosphere appears from this kitchen.

The idea is to apply grey color to the kitchen. You can use white tiles for the walls to balance the ambiance, though.

4. V-patterned Floor and Plain White Theme

To accentuate the Scandinavian nuance, you can use a v-patterned floor to the kitchen.

It works well with the wooden island and sleek white paint theme! As for furniture, black chairs and appliances are a good choice.

5. Petite Scandinavian Kitchen with Irregular Floor

A small kitchen is not an issue.

You can spice it up with countertops, installed in all sides of the room, aside from the entrance.

To bring up the Scandinavian style, irregular patterns of the floor would work.

6. A Combined Dining Table

Even though the kitchen is small, you can use a combined desk to simplify the function.

The desk acts both as a processing surface and eating area! The chairs are simple either.

7. Ergonomic Island and Built-in Kitchen Hood

A simple and neat atmosphere comes from this kitchen.

The island looks minimalist and it features two levels of shelves to put items.

Another recognizable feature is the built-in hood, which looks assorted.

8. Cadet Blue Countertop and Crepe Walls

You can play with colors to cheer up your Scandinavian kitchen.

In this case, crepe walls look so pretty. It is even possible to contrast the color by installing cadet blue countertops in it.

9. Multilevel Shelves and Modern Kitchen Hood

The essence of a Scandinavian kitchen is simplicity.

This one comes with layered shelves to accommodate various items, including glasses, bowls, and others. Another great extra is the sophisticated kitchen hood!

10. Round Small Dining Table at the Corner

This small kitchen applies a white countertop and light-brown floor.

The walls have an air force blue color and the room features a small round dining table for two. The table is located at the corner, as well.

11. Lustrous Black-White Scandinavian Kitchen

The first impression is sleekness.

The kitchen has a glossy island that accommodates three people.

The countertop and set are also white. Plus, the elegant comes from black cabinets/pantry and lamps.

12. Cedar Countertop and Tall Kitchen Hood

This cedar brown countertop gives calmness to your Scandinavian kitchen.

The size is not long, but it is both functional and attractive. Other features are cabinets and tall kitchen hood!

13. Seal Grey Countertop and White Tiles

A corner countertop with seal grey color looks astonishing, doesn’t it?

Well, it even looks more attractive with a sleek marble surface. As for the walls, you can apply white tiles on it.

14. Ornaments Galore

This small Scandinavian kitchen looks cute and alluring.

It is because the room comes with lots of decorations, including a long rug, multilevel countertop, animal rug, pillow, plants, books, and many more!

15. U-shaped and Bar-like Island

The kitchen looks spacious, as it connects directly to the dining and living room.

It has many clear big windows! Also, it comes with high-end appliances and u-shaped island to support cooking activities.

16. Three Colors

The kitchen looks charming due to its color varieties.

The wooden floor has a tortilla brown color, the countertop and set are grey, and the walls are white. Don’t forget to include a round table to the kitchen.

Another kitchen decor ideas for you:

17. Marble Island and Elegant Steel Grey Color

This concept is suitable for those who own a large kitchen.

A marble island is located in the middle of the room. It is surrounded by steel grey appliances, cabinets, countertop, and doors!

18. Thick Granite Island

A granite island with sink indeed may last long due to its durability.

This kitchen also features an obsidian black countertop and sleek stove. Two layers of shelves also become great extras here.

19. Unfinished Walls and Clean Hardwood Floors

In a Scandinavian kitchen, you should not use colorful paints for the walls.

In this style, you can let the walls unfinished! It creates a classic and unique ambiance. The neat hardwood also adds up a beauty.

20. Eggshell White Theme and Patterned Floor

The neatness comes from the eggshell white color of both walls and countertops.

As for beauty, it comes from the irregular patterned floor. A simple dining table also resides there.

21. Hidden Pantry and Ergonomic Dining Table

This room looks simple, but it has many unique features.

For instance, there is a hidden pantry! Next, the ergonomic and well-designed dining table becomes a center of attention there.

22. Contrast Color Makes a Beauty

Placing a countertop at the corner is a good idea to avoid clutters.

Still, in terms of beauty, you can combine black and white color. Black is for the countertop while white is for the floor.

23. Peanut Brown Floor and Grey Concept

At a glance, this kitchen looks modern.

However, the peanut brown floor and grey theme bring up the Scandinavian style.

It comes with a marble countertop surface and a big glass door, separating the dining room.

24. Milky White Scandinavian Kitchen

This concept offers serenity to the owner.

The island, countertops, and walls come with a similar color, which is a milky white. Several plants are also seen, acting as decorations.

25. Tribal Rug and Electric Stove

A Scandinavian kitchen can feature high-end appliances like an electric stove.

To bring up the charm, though, you can place a big tribal rug amid the room. What a nice place to cook!

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