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25 Fashionable Shabby Chic Bedroom (All are Stylish!)

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One of the best designs to choose for your sleeping space is called the Shabby Chic Bedroom.

What is it? To be exact, this concept combines chic and displaced nuance.

The result of this strange combination is fashionable! The bedroom looks unique due to its careless design.

Still, the bedroom would emit a forgotten beauty! Not to mention you can pick many decorations for it.

A shabby chic design also offers a soft side, as long as you choose the right fabrics, ornaments, and furniture. To get better ides of this style, you can review several examples below!

1. The Two Hues

This shabby chic bedroom applies two calm colors as the theme.

First, it is the wheat brown hue. Another tone is mauve purple that makes the room prettier. The divan is vintage and it is placed next to a window.

2. Mid-century Junks in Salmon Pink

The first impression is calmness.

This space applies a salmon pink theme to almost all its parts, including furniture and wall.

As for the decorations, it has abundant mid-century knick-knacks! Even it has a vintage mirror.

3. Shabby Chic Bedroom for Youth

The first beauty comes from its khaki theme.

Next, the bedroom features many bright lights, including desk lamps and decorative illuminations.

Wicker chic wall ornaments also reside gorgeously there.

4. Vintage Umber Shabby Chic Bedroom

Rustic furniture spices up this shabby chic bedroom.

The bed seat has another function, which is to store items.

The size of the bed is not big either. Plus, you can use an expensive bed line for a better appearance!

5. Featuring a Small Living Room

To boost the comfort, you can include a small white sofa and rustic table.

Next, a grassy pale rug would increase its luxury. Don’t forget to provide some ornaments to add beauty, though.

6. Soothing Rose Pink Theme

The rose pink bed linen and blanket set emits a feminine atmosphere.

This shabby chic bedroom also offers a soothing ambiance due to the presence of silky white drapes and floral ornaments.

7. Cabin-style Bedroom and Flora

Putting some pot plants give a refreshing nuance.

Still, the shabby chic appearance comes from its white rustic cabin-style wall. The room also has a black glossy vintage divan with thick mattress.

8. Cadet Blue Shabby Chic Bedroom

Cadet blue is a popular theme these days, especially for young girls.

The color provides a soothing ambiance to the room. It also works well with vintage bedroom and pale brown flooring.

9. Minimalist Shabby Chic Bedroom

An elegant iron-grey rug becomes the main charm in this shabby chic bedroom.

Also, the glassy desk looks excellent and can accommodate pink flowers and vases. Overall, it represents minimalism.

10. Old Beauty with a Crystal Chandelier

Old furniture and outdated ornaments embellish this shabby chic bedroom.

The pale pink bed linen also creates a pretty ambiance. Still, the most striking feature is none other than a crystal chandelier.

11. Vintage Shabby Chic Bedroom

A steel rustic divan becomes the main feature in this shabby chic bedroom.

You can also find a wine red rug that becomes the base of this room. As an extra, there is an expensive and elegant chandelier.

12. Village-style Floral Shabby Chic Bedroom

This style emits a rural ambiance. Thanks to the floral pink bed linen and drapes.

The white divan brings in purity and cleanliness to the room. Somehow, this concept is only suitable for girls and women.

13. Neat vs Shabby Chic Bedroom

A shabby chic bedroom should not always be displaced.

It is because you can create a neat and clean room by choosing white and black furniture combination. A round floral decoration can be the extra.

14. The Door-less Cupboard

A cupboard is a common furniture that you can find in a shabby chic bedroom.

This one looks unique, though, as it doesn’t have any door. That means you can store items freely regardless of the size.

15. Smoke Grey Theme and Floral Decorations

A calm ambiance comes from this shabby chic bedroom.

Thanks to the smoke grey hue. Even the furniture has a similar color to the wall. The only difference is the decorations that apply floral designs.

Looking for another bedroom decor ideas? We’ve got you covered:

16. Pale Turquoise Shabby Chic Bedroom

The aim for creating this pale turquoise shabby chic bedroom is to create a more peaceful ambiance.

That color hue combines well with vintage furniture, rug, and divan! What do you think?

17. Creative Shabby Chic Bedroom

Creating an artistic shabby chic bedroom is possible.

First, you must choose bed linens and pillows that come in several colors. Next, you must hang some abstract paintings on the wall! It is easy, isn’t it?

18. Abandoned Vintage Storage for Shabby Chic Bedroom

You can include almost anything to your shabby chic bedroom.

In this case, you can install old rustic storage or cabinet to the room. The appearance looks wild and shabby! Still, it emits a unique nuance.

19. Mounted Baskets and Flower Vases

Two great additions for your shabby chic bedroom are flower vases and mounted baskets.

You can place different items on those baskets either, including perfumes, towels, etc.

20. Romance in White

For newlyweds or young couples, this style suits their need.

The white romantic nuance would soothe them!

The room also includes several candles and candle-like chandelier! The bed resides by the window, too.

21. The Powder White Dresser

This dresser is a must for your shabby chic bedroom.

The powder white color looks astonishing and the vintage design looks unique. As for extras, you need to place a floral chair and decorations.

22. Cadet Blue Theme with Views

Placing a shabby chic bedroom by a window gives a nice scenery.

To bring in a comfy nuance, you can choose a blue cadet theme and floral knick-knacks.

23. Works of Arts Galore

If you have lots of money, you can choose this style.

The idea is to include many exclusive and artistic items to the bedroom. The theme is white and classic, actually.

24. Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom

This style suits those who live in big cities or apartments.

The design is modern and it includes contemporary furniture, as well. Still, both rug and flooring appear displaced.

25. Moss Green Furniture and Petite Room

Having a big bed in a small bedroom is not an issue.

The most important aspect is to include stunning furniture like moss green chairs, tables, and bed head. Don’t forget to include some plants either.

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