11 Creative DIY Hat Rack Ideas for Your Next Project

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Wearing a hat isn’t just for fashion in order to look cool, but it can be something to protect you from the sun in the daylight. If you love to collect hats, it means you’re going to have a rack for that. A DIY hat rack is simple to make, and you can make one from everyday objects.

Hat racks can be installed everywhere in the house as long as they don’t reduce the beauty of house decoration itself. The shape of a hat rack also isn’t going to make your room look cramped as it’s just a matter of inches.

1. Palette Hat Rack Idea

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If there are some pieces of wood left in the garage, you can make good use out of them by turning them into a hat rack, but a palette would be a lot easier to build. It won’t take long to make it. Take a palette and then split the unnecessary part and trim it.

Rub and polish it to get a nice and clean surface. Give it a color by painting it, and install hangers or hooks on it. Adding a shelf on it would be a smart move to mark or divide it. Then, arrange your hat collection there.

2. Multilevel Hat Rack

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A hat rack can take many forms and sizes, and it can be made out any possible materials including wood branches, pipelines, wrought irons and so on. This notion looks simple with a straight shape, and you just add some shelves on each of the racks.

Cut three pieces of wood for the long parts along with its shelves or sort parts. You can paint them first before adding brackets. Give some space for each of the racks to make them look organized.

3. Peg Board, Anyone?

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There are tons of materials that you can use for a hat rack. This pegboard idea, for example, is another smart way on how to hang your hats. Measure and cut a pegboard to a proper size, and then give the edges a color.

Add some hooks on it and then hang it on the wall. The wall next to the door is, arguable, the best spot to hang or put a hat rack. It’s because you can easily find where your hats are, and take one when you’re about to go out.

4. Old and Antique Look

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Wrought iron is versatile stuff that can be shaped for house decoration from fences, furniture, wall décor, chandelier and many more. You can absolutely make a hat rack out of it. But this idea may require a welding process in the making.

If you don’t have the equipment needed, you may want to consider taking other ideas or materials as well.

5. Four-legged Wooden Hooks

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This standing rack isn’t just for hats. Other outfits or wardrobe can certainly be put here, and it would look good to have this rack in your room. But since it’s a standing design, the bottom appears to take some space.

It won’t be that fit for a room with small space as it can be too big in the bedroom that’s considered as an eyesore.

6. For Cowboy Hat Lovers

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It seems that hats come in many different shapes and sizes, which require special hat racks as well. Teenagers and adults can be apples and oranges considered their age gap between them, so it’s not surprising if they have dissimilar in fashion too.

This kind of a hat usually hung on a hook on the wall, but if you feel like collecting some more of it, this hat rack would be a perfect design for your hat.

7. Rustic Style

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A more unique hat rack would be this one. This rack appears to have some hanging styles as seen in this picture. It has, like, a small roof on top on which you can arrange your hats. A shelf and wrought-iron hooks on the bottom complete this DIY hat rack.

The wrought-iron hangers are possible to be used for hanging clothes, scarfs, jackets and such. It’s like a one-stop rack in the house.

8. Wall Shelves

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For a larger hat collection, it’ll require a wide area for sure. This hat rack idea looks like what you may often see in stores with lots of hats to display. A DIY hat rack with shelves is a suitable choice you can have.

With long shelves, these racks can show the front hats, which make you can easily recognize which hat you’re going to pick and wear. And with a variety of colors, these racks look much more interesting.

9. DIY Baseball Hat Rack

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When your kid loves baseball so much that he would like to have a hat rack with a baseball theme, and that was the idea came from. The material is from a palette wood, which mostly left unused in the garage.

You can start by trimming down its overhang to make it neat. Remove the back part of the palette. If it still looks thick, you can make it narrower by cutting some inches of its inner supports. Next, sand its surface. Lastly, place baseballs and screw them from the back.

10. Above The Door, Who Would’ve Thought about That?

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A thick piece of wood has some more value to be made as house decoration or some artsy stuff. It also fits as a hat rack idea, doesn’t it?

All you have to do is to add some hooks on it. You don’t have to paint it if you want to keep its original look.

Hang it somewhere on the wall or over the door as you’re pleased. It makes the space above the door look nice somehow, don’t you think?

You should make another hat rack if your hats are more than those hats in the picture, though.

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11. Simple DIY Hat Rack from Wood

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Last but not least is this simple hat rack idea. It consists of similar hat racks that you can tuck your hats in on each hole. It’s obviously not a demanding task to do, right? You can take two pieces of wood, and draw or put a template on it.

Then, create the holes as you draw or mark on them with a hole saw to get nice and big holes on each of the wood. Connect the holes by cutting the slot with a 45-degree direction so that your hats won’t fall when you lodge them.

These ideas of DIY hat racks, hopefully, would give you some inspiration to create your own fantastic hat racks.

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