11 DIY Mousepad Ideas to Beautify Your Work Desk

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With a thousand choices of mousepads available on markets, many people still have a strong preference to DIY their own. It’s because they can get exactly what they want of finding a perfect one for them. DIY mousepads can be made of a lot of materials for certain.

It can have a variety of shapes, colors, and width as well depending on how you want your mouse pad to be. From square, rectangle or any other possible shapes, you can design it as cool as you wish, of course, without forgetting its main function.

1. Simple Brown Mouse Pad

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A simple mouse pad would be a square or rectangular one with a small size but efficient enough to be put or used on the table. This brown mouse pad, for example, has a slight artsy touch on its surface to attract you with a play of colors.

Tools and materials that are commonly employed to make mousepads are also not difficult to find. You can buy them in stores near you or purchase them online. You’re going to need scissors, a ruler, pen or marker, some glue, a piece of cork and leather.

2. Calm Leather Mouse Pad

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This mouse pad has a golden surface that gives you a shooting or calm feeling. Here’s how to get it done. You’ll need a piece of cork, leather, and spray adhesive. Firstly, create an outline by tracing a mouse pad. Then cut along the traced line.

Secondly, use spray adhesive and spray the cork. Next, put the leather and press it evenly. Make sure there are no wrinkles and bubbles in there otherwise you’ll get your mouse pad ugly. You can clip the excess amount of the cork to make it tidier.

The last step is to press it with something heavy and wide. This step will get you a good an even surface and prevent it from wrinkling on one of the edges. You can use books or a thin board and then put something heavy above it.

3. Yellow Leather Mouse Pad

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Some factors should be considered when making a mouse pad. A mouse pad should be firmly sitting there on the table and has an anti-slip surface so that you can move your mouse unimpeded.

This circle mouse pad is quite cute with a bold color. The size is also fairly small which fits to be used on a table with limited countertop. It’s a handy one that won’t take significant space on the table.

First, make a circle with a pen or a marker and then cut out along the circle. Use a strong or super glue to stick the mouse pad with the leather piece. To make sure you get a nice flat surface, stack or put some heavy books on it, and let it dry.

4. Pink & Blue Flower Mouse Pad

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Choosing a cute surface for your mouse pad is needed especially if it’s your private laptop or PC that you’re going to use it for a long time. It can help you give some energy because you’re proud that you make it by yourself.

It requires fabric mod podge, fabric, cork round, sponge brush and scissors. Trace out the fabric to fit the cork round, and leave some fabric overhang. Give the cork and fabric some glue on them. Then, fold the left fabric underneath to create a nice and neat edge.

5. Cat Face Shadow Mouse Pad

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There are lots of mouse pad designs that you can DIY yourself, and this picture can be a good example of a DIY mouse pad with a unique shape. For cat lovers, the shape would be perfect as it can remind them of their beloved pets at home.

This face-cat-shaped mouse pad is made out of felt, and it will make you feel as though you were touching your cats while employing the pad. You can make your DIY mouse pad using the same idea with a different material if the felt isn’t your cup of tea.

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6. Hoshi no Sora Mouse Pad

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The sky is full of mystery that’s waiting to be explored. A thousand objects can be found in outer space. And that could be the reason behind this Hoshi no Sora mouse pad idea. It suits well with a white mouse as they make quite a contrast.

Take a cork and make a circle using a round object or a bowl, and then cut it. Apply a dark blue paint on it. After dry, spray a white spray paint to create a beautiful white that looks like a galaxy from above.

7. Biscuit Mouse Pad

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Another reason why you make your mouse pad is perhaps that you get annoyed with the weird sound you get from moving your mouse on the desk with no mouse pad. Imagine you have to deal with it every day for as long as you work there. That’ll be awful.

This is another simple mouse pad that you can adopt with a round shape, golden surface with reddish lines. It is also created from some everyday objects with an affordable price, and it does look like a biscuit, doesn’t it?

8. Paper Airplane Mouse Pad

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As I mentioned earlier, you can have any shapes that you desire. This paper plane mouse pad has the best shape among these pictures. It has a gray surface that makes it even look cooler, don’t you think?

Decide what materials you’re going to use. Create an airplane shape with a pen and then cut it. Spray adhesive on the cork and fabric or leather then join and press them. Pick any color that you like best as the cover.

9. Mountain Mouse Pad

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If you’re looking for a mouse pad with quite a bizarre shape, this one might satisfy you. It has the shape of beautiful mountains. It looks simple, but it has a stunning appearance with a white area on the top and small white that looks like snow that’s falling.

10. Rainbow Mouse Pad

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A rainbow will appear after the rain and it’ll look adorable in the sky as the sun shines. This notion is just right for you who are fond of colorful things that can give you some positive energy while trying to get things done at work.

11. Cool Black & Yellow Mouse Pad

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Giving a little detail to a mouse pad would make it have some more interesting looks. This mouse pad combines a dark layer with yellow triangles. With those random triangles, this mouse pad looks pretty charming.

DIY mousepads don’t have to be made out of expensive materials. You can re-use your old one, then create and improvise it.

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