11 DIY Charging Station That Are Easy to Make

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Nowadays, it seems that people have been glued to smartphones, and it’s hard to see them let their smartphones leave their phones untouched. The battery will run out after a few hours of use, and it needs to be charged. A DIY charging station needs to be practical.

It’s because we can be so frustrated when the wires get tangled with other people’s charging wires. So, you need a handy charging station that can manage cord problems to become neat and organized.

1. USB Charger Behind Photo Frame

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At first, you won’t believe that there’s actually a charging station behind this photo frame. Yes, it is! The secret is that the owner uses command velcro strips to keep a USB charger she purchased on Amazon.

It’s such a brilliant idea to organize it behind a photo frame that you would have never thought that you could actually do that. This way you can have a neat and tidy countertop, and a practical charging station at the same time.

2. Hiding on The Drawer

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When you want your charging station to be hidden, the best possible way is to hide it inside a drawer. Yes, a drawer will be an ideal place to keep your phone cords orderly and uncluttered. The drawer should be wide enough in which you can store your gadgets.

You can do it by making a hole in the drawer through which you connect the charging station to an outlet. Attach the charging station with screws and make sure it sticks firmly down there. There you get your invisible charging station.

3. Use A Shoe Box

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Another cool charging station idea is this one. Don’t throw out the shoe box just yet as you can make something special with it. It’s a simple and useful notion that will help you declutter the mess that comes from electronic cords.

Firstly, cover the shoe box with some paper that you like. Make holes on the shoe box on the front side. Make one big hole to pass the plug so that you can plug it to the outlet. Place all the chargers inside the box and pull out the cords. Done!

4. DIY Charging Station from Makeup Storage

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You can’t go wrong by making a charging station idea out of wood. This wooden makeup box has several places with different sizes that allow you to put different types of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

It’s a breeze DIY project that you can make simply just by looking at this picture. To make it have a nice appearance, you might want to paint it with a color that reflects you or can give you a good mood.

5. Ikea Hack Charging Station

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The materials used in this picture are available in stores, one of which is IKEA. You have to purchase them and improvise them yourself. First, use Velcro tape to join the lid with the OSTBIT.

Then, take a surface-mounted socket outlet and a switch with a led indicator. Put your USB charger inside after you give Velcro tape. Cut the cork lid with a knife so that you don’t have to open the lid when using the USB charger.

Pull the cable behind the lid and tie them with cable clips. You can also use some grundtal containers for USB cable storage as well.

6. Charging Station for Family Members

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You just need some ideas, imagination, and creativity when thinking about making a charging station. You can turn stuff or a box into anything just like is a paper sorter. Those shelves are a perfect place to put your smartphones while charging.

You can buy a metal paper sorter to be used as a charging station. To identify which family member shelf belongs to is by giving a name on each shelf. This won’t make you put others’ phones as there are written names on it.

7. Give Numbers to Identify

11 Diy Charging Station That Are Easy To Make - Chs

This picture shows another easy-to-do idea for a charging station with a wooden box. All you have to do is divide it with shelves and put them in the middle. Make some holes behind, and give labels, names or number to make you easily distinguish which your phone is.

8. Give Eye-catching Look

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Shoe boxes are a material that is often used for DIY-related stuff by many DIYers. It’s because they can be really useful as they can be modified to be anything that gives you benefits. The sizes aren’t that big, but can pretty much accommodate a lot of stuff in it.

You can just find some notions in order to give them pretty appearances that make people fail to notice that they are actually a shoe box. You can also camouflage them with house decoration that blends in with the surroundings.

9. Shoe Box (Again!)

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What would you do with your problem that comes from tangled cords without shoe boxes?

I believe you can’t imagine that. I mean like, you have to carefully untie the cords to find which cord goes to your cellphones. Imagine going it every time you want to recharge your phone

That’s when you realize shoe boxes have been your live savior that saves you from tangled cords that snare your life.

Wrap a shoe box with beautiful cover and accessories, makes some holes and then put a socket outlet inside and done. Voila!

10. DIY Phone Hanger

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This 30-45-minute work requires sewing. This fits for you who love to do sewing stuff. It’s a fabric hanging charging station that’s quite convenience.

Take some fabrics that you’re going to sew with the size of your phone.

You can even combine it with a ribbon to make a bow around the bottom and pomp pon trim around the edge to make it look nice.

Circle the above part, cut and put the grommets and clip them. And hang it around the socket!

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11. Charge Your Gadgets while Putting Them on The Drawer

11 Diy Charging Station That Are Easy To Make - Fe5C86392B9Cdc35322A49439Fb62A39

For a big usage of a charging station, it seems that a drawer can really fit for that due to its wide space that this drawer offers for you.

This is a genuine idea of a space-saving charging station idea that you actually need for your whole gadgets including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

But you need to make some space for each of the gadgets inside the drawer so that it won’t shake and hit one another when opening the drawer.

As usual, create some holes behind the drawer to which they’re connected to the socket.

There tons of DIY charging stations that you can create yourself according to your needs. Pick one that you think you’re going to love and won’t give you a hard time when making one.

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