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25 Tranquil Scandinavian Bathroom Decor to Get Rid of Daily Stress

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Scandinavian bathroom design is emphasized on a concept of beauty in simple way. Utilizing less furniture deserves more aesthetic look. Enhance the beauty with natural lights and bright color schemes.

Keep everything uncluttered to create a relaxing ambience. No matter how large space you have, the following Scandinavian bathroom ideas can be applied.

1. Black Scandinavian Bathroom

It’s absolutely no furniture at all. A brass shower set is simply attached on one side of wall. Another wall is used to hang towels. Herringbone tiles have different gray shades to add textures. While dark gray floor is a bold offset in the space.

2. Tiled Wall

Be a white lover? Apply this hue to window, tub and walls. Add various patterns like hexagon and brick tiles. To liven up the space, add natural elements. Green leafy plants, beige wooden hook hanger and shelves play up the white bathroom.

3. Ladder Towel Hanger

Scandinavian design will also fit to narrow bathroom. A wooden ladder functions as towel holder rack. It is both decorative and functional element. Light walls and large window reflect daylight to make the room look more spacious.

4. Honeycomb Tiles

White hexagon tile floor extends to the wall. Toilet and shower are separated with glass wall. Shower floor is covered with wood planks to give a contrasting look. This kind of design belongs to homeowners who don’t like overstuff bathroom.

5. Small Scandinavian Bathroom

Here is a multi-purposed built-in tub. A wood plank is placed on this tub to hold bathroom items. A living plant ornates the corner. Also, one side of tub is used to hang gray towel. Next to it, a wicker basket keeps dirty clothes.

6. Simple Look Scandinavian Bathroom

A floating vanity is almost invisible since it blends with walls. Black metal plumbing and faucets highlight white wall. A wooden stool adds rustic touch. Soft textures are shown by gray hex floor.

7. Scandinavian Bathroom with Black Shower Tile

Black herringbone tile is combined with gray hex floor and white subway tile to show off rich textures. Gold shower sets give contrasting look. Toiletries and towels are placed on floating shelf.

8. Dark Wood Vanity

Light gray tones fitted with stainless steel hardware call up a modern taste. This spacious bathroom features standalone tub, floating vanity, and large mirror. Window treatment functions to keep toiletries and gives aesthetic look.

9. Small Minimalist Scandi Bathroom

There are double vessel sinks with floating design. A built-in open shelf is attached below two frameless round mirrors. It keeps toiletries and candles. Wooden shelves are mounted on another wall. Planter and towels are organized there.

10. Scandinavian Shower Decor Ideas

White subway tile shower walls are paired with black metal framed door. Bold tone of frame highlights the space. Some natural ornaments accentuate the walls. Brown patterned rug and rattan basket are parts of scandi-inspired decor.

11. Pink Floor Tiles

Scandinavian style is mostly shown by these white subway tiles. This classic shower cabin is revived by adding pastel pink color. Pink patterned tiles bring feminine character to the floor.

12. Minimalist Aesthetic Vessel Sink Vanity

A simple design of light wooden vanity looks modern. White ceramic countertop, round sink, and patterned rug are in tune with pure white walls and floor. Frameless rectangular mirror reflects natural light from the window. A touch of green comes in leafy pot.

13. Frameless Shower Door in Scandinavian

Shower set, toilet, and vanity are in-line. Dark gray floor meets white tile wall. Frameless glass door doesn’t interrupt the white shower walls. Black metal mirror frame adds a bold statement.

14. The Beauty of Wall Art

To add more visual interest, try different textures on wall surfaces. Paint half part of the top with dark gray. Another half is covered with white subway tiles. Decorative wall arts highlight the dark shade of wall.

15. Rustic Scandinavian Bathroom

Exotic wood is the best fit for Scandinavian design. Round ceramic vessel sinks are paired with wooden cabinet. Wooden floor contrasts to white brick wall. Mirror frames and built-in shelves are made from similar wood. Enjoy the warm atmosphere!

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16. Visual Illusion of Large Mirror

A large rectangular mirror plays important roles in Scandinavian Decor. It’s the only one ornament on the plain wall. This mirror enables to make the room wider. Mirror also spreads out the light of pendant lamps.

17. Scandinavian White Fixtures and Fittings

Keep furniture to a minimum will increase the airiness. Pure White wall, toilet, and vanity enhance clean lines. A vase of flowering branch at the corner is the only one nature-based ornament. Traditional patterned tiles are the best element of beautiful hard floors.

18. Introduce Harmony Interiors

Toilet paper holder stand, trash can, and shower set are made from steel. They are paired to be harmonious bathroom interiors. White tile walls and black patterned floor are easily recognized as Scandinavian classic design.

19. Achieve the Best Natural Light

Installing shower cabin in dormer is advantageous. Dormer window reflects natural daylight perfectly. Dark gray floating vanity and patterned floor make the room more spacious. A glass vase of flower branches offers natural beauty.

20. Stay Natural with Wood Elements

A perfect mixture between glass shower walls and wooden floor is a part of Scandi-style bathroom. Light shades of wooden floor and vanity improve brightness. Some planters let outside greenery in.

21. Great Power of Accent Details

Floor and walls are fully covered with white subway tiles. The ceiling is painted white that matches floating vanity and toilet. Other color tones like green, light brown, and dark gray help reviving the cold space. House plants, wooden stool, and wall art are liven up the neutral palette.

22. Granite and Copper

This shower cabin features white standalone tub. Walls are covered with soft gray marble. Bold shade of brass shower set and towel holder accentuates the walls.

23. Opt for Neutral Palettes

Hushed ambience can be enjoyed in this Scandinavian room decor. Neutral colors are mostly applied. Green towel and black fixtures are bold tones that contrast to white tub and wall.

24. Elegance with Space-saving Design

Wooden floating counter is fitted with white vessel sink. Wood plank hanger hooks are multi-functional. It is not only to hang towel, but also become mounted open shelves. Those represent space-saving floor design.

Based on what stated above, Scandinavian bathroom concepts are about minimalist aesthetic and functional. Now, it’s your turn to prove that something less is more.

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