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25 Cozy Rustic Bathroom Decor to Guide Your Renovation

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Rustic bathroom typically presents natural elements to experience calm and relax bathing time. Different textures from woods, stones, and metals create refreshing senses in your private space.

Play with some textures to obtain your rustic taste. Enhance the bathroom’s flair with some enchanted styles of the rustic bathroom below. Grab the points to bear up your makeover projects!

1. Repurposed Furniture to be Rustic

Let’s see how an old wood table functions as vanity. The plumbing hardware is visible. The base of a sink can be an open shelf to organize things. A wooden crate is placed on a flushing toilet to keep toilet papers.

2. Shiny Shades of Stainless Steel

Rustic doesn’t always mean all wood furniture. Stainless steel soap bottle, mirror frame, and faucets blend well with brown wooden cabinet. The light tone of white bathroom and curtain make this space clean and tidy.

3. Make a Statement with Wall Decor

To avoid boredom of this white paneled wall, mounted shelves show off accent decor. Use an artistic hook to hang a towel. Mirror with black metal frame and decorative light fixture trot out a bold statement.

4. All-white Rustic Furnishings

Create a contrast on a white wall with a wooden mirror frame and shelves. Gray wood cabinet adds bold shade to white curtain, toilet, and countertop. Play with different patterns to the floor.

5. Rustic Design in Narrow Space

This narrow bathroom is dominated by wood planks. Those are applied to the door, ceiling, and two sides of the wall. A built-in tub installed against the window statement. Light shades match the wooden cabinet.

6. Aged Look of Distressed Vanity

Pop up the natural beauty of this brown vanity cabinet to your rustic style bathroom. The cabinet features some drawers with black metal handles. It brings a weathered look as a contrasting tone to the creamy patterned tile floor.

7. Make Full Use of Three-tiered Display Rack

The three-tiered storage display rack is mounted on the wall. It beautifully blends with wooden mosaic accent wall. Towels, Mason jars and iron cups are showcased on the shelves. A pretty bunch of flowers adds a feminine touch to this space.

8. Reclaimed Wood Plank Cabinet

A simple but unique vanity is built from weathered wood planks. It features a metal toilet paper holder on the left side. Open shelf functions to organize towels and toilet papers. Mirror frame also made from a similar wood.

9. Show Off Your Vintage Collectibles

Open shelves above a flushing toilet aim to embellish the plain wall. Then, you can display lovely vintage collections on the racks. Candleholders and flower pots can be arranged there too.

10. Modern Mirror Frame

A dark brown wooden framed mirror shows a decorative modern piece. It perfectly blends with gray paneled backsplash above wooden vanity. White round sink and towels play in harmony with a vase of white roses.

11. Warm Vibe with Natural Stonework Wall

Large stonework wall and exposed log beams provide rough textures to this countryside bathroom. A dark stone sink fits well too. Sconce and flush mount light illuminate the warm atmosphere.

12. Masculine Look from a Walk-in Shower

Dark brown and gray stone walls are paired with pebble floor to enhance masculinity. Glass shower door with black hardware brings an open vibe. Add more masculine details like black towels and antler wall accent.

13. A Unique Pair of Built-in Tub and Walk-in Shower

Stone-like porcelains cover the entire part of this walk-in shower. Next to it, a built-in tub is installed. Wood planks cover the ceiling. Bold textures are shown by both materials. The large window allows outside greenery in.

14. White Furniture with Rustic Style

Double sink vanity cabinet comes in white. Dark marble countertop is fitted to black faucets. Unique light fixtures and towel offer light shades. Gray shower tiles enhance darker tone than creamy wood-paneled walls.

15. Luxury Vintage Bathroom

Wooden floor, wall, and ceiling work best with stainless steel faucets, shower, and hardware. Those create luxury touches. While antique sconces and hanging lamps give a vintage look. Feel the warm vibe inside.

16. Nature-based Modern Country Bathroom

Come closer and feel the nature around you. This country-look bathroom features natural elements. It mostly covered with wood and stonework.

Exposed beams create rough textures as what stone wall does. Antique towel rack ladder contrasts with modern white free-standing tub.

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17. Let’s Show Off the Ornaments

What a lovely space! The all-white country bathroom is embellished with decorative wall decor. Wall arts, signs, and shelves will avoid the room being crisp. Some flowerpots beautify marble countertop, flushing toilet, and wall-mounted shelves.

18. Floating Vanity Looks Great

Look at this floating vanity! Two pieces of hardwood are built into open shelves storage. A vessel sink is fitted with the vanity. Woven baskets placed under the shelf to organize towels and toilet papers.

19. Get a Vintage Set of Light Fixtures

Light fixtures above the mirror might be a unique centerpiece. The fixtures are from bronze faucets. Yellow bulbs are hanging over them. They supply warm light throughout the room.

20. Shower Curtains Represents Feminist

Here is cotton curtain embellished with ruffles at the bottom. Installed with black metal hardware, it makes your walk-in shower look prettier. The light tone of this curtain sets up an airy atmosphere.

21. Industrial touch in Country Flair

Give a touch of industrial details to your walk-in shower. Apply corrugated metal sheets on the wall. Rusted wall panels fitted with wood plank walls and beam ceiling. Gray curtain is attached to get a harmonious tone.

22. Stay Rustic with Gray Tone

Who says rustic must be brown? Gray becomes another popular hue. Gray marble countertop has a lighter shade compared to the gray wall. Add more textures by installing different shades of wood planks as a backsplash.

23. Low Budget Ideas with Fake Materials

Stone-like tiled walls are paired with pebble floor. They present the beauty of natural elements. The black metal shower head is used to give a contrasting shade to brown tiled walls.

24. Glossy Wall Tiles with Powerful Personality

Show off Retro style as your taste with glossy blue tiles. To add a rustic design scheme, simply feature your bathroom with wooden furniture. Dark brown cabinet and wall art décor are a good choice.

25. Reclaimed Vanity Cabinet with Storage Solution

In narrow bathroom, vanity cabinet with many drawers sounds great. Keep your toiletries invisible. There are only tissue and hand soap on the countertop. Towel holder mounted on the wall.

Consider all rustic bathroom designs above and how your space will appear. Adopt some of our ideas to suit your final design.

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